Chamber works

Blurb about scores. Something about uncertainty, living scores, and Beelzebub.


2016 - toronto, on, canada

April 13, 2016 at Alliance Francaise Spadina Theatre.
Performed by Zorana Sadiq (soprano), Wesley Shen (piano), and Daniel Morphy (percussion).

Composed in 2016 for the SoundStreams Emerging Composer Workshop.

Petrichor is an enigmatic score mixing narrative and visual elements to craft a fragmented memory. The performers collaborate to decrypt a forgotten age-old rain ritual.

Listen on Soundcloud.

picnic / for the number of man + 1

2015 edmonton, ab, canada

Generative graphic score / Ritual instruction set.



2014 - art farm, marquette, ne

Moonbeam is a work for solo double bass; it explores iterative loop notation.

septick: adumbrations for septet

2014 - edmonton, ab, canada

String Quartet and Flute, F Horn, and Clarinet.

SEPTICK is composed of seven parts; three movements for septet along with three interludes and a codetta for smaller fractions of the ensemble. Only the final two movements of SEPTICK are ordered concretely, and the other five movements can occur in any order.

The piece uses a variety of restrictions to produce a wide range of elements. Almost every movement is limited to seven pitches, and those that do not adhere are composed of ranges of pitches represented by line drawings.

Note: I have since learned adumbrations is probably not a word.

Karayn: An edifice of emptiness

2014 - edmonton, ab, canada

String Quartet.