I have a wide variety of works, recordings, projects and collaborations to peruse. Feel free to stay for hours!

There are a few main categories; Chamber Music, Electronic, Improvisation, and Sound Art / Noise Makers. Each shows its own unique facet of what I do.

If you are interested in my collaborations with other artists, check out my LINKS.



Chamber music

Scores, recordings, and information on works for small ensemble.

Electronic & sound design

Recordings, code, and other documentation of electronic and digital works. These include composed works, Field Recordings, and synthesis experiments. Occasionally, you'll find a little batch of code for software like ChucK and Pure Data.

Sound art & noise makers

My father and my grandfather made furniture. I make strange musical instruments. Follow the development and design process of my various projects. Find recordings and other interesting media.


Improvisation is a crucial part of my performance and composition practice. I personally merge composed and improvised elements into all of my works - chamber, electronic and installation. I believe uncertainty brings out the true intrigue of music.

I regularly improvise in unique and interesting ways with my musical partner in crime - Katie Kroko