Chamber works

Cherish Little Things

2019 - FAirbanks, AK

July 23, 2019 at Davis Hall, University of Alberta Fairbanks

Performed by Corvus - Andie (Violin), Alex (Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone), and Joe (Percussion).

Composed during the Composing in the Wilderness Denali Adventure 2019


2016 - toronto, on, canada

April 13, 2016 at Alliance Francaise Spadina Theatre.
Performed by Zorana Sadiq (soprano), Wesley Shen (piano), and Daniel Morphy (percussion).

Composed in 2016 for the SoundStreams Emerging Composer Workshop.

Petrichor is an enigmatic score mixing narrative and visual elements to craft a fragmented memory. The performers collaborate to decrypt a forgotten age-old rain ritual.

Listen on Soundcloud.

picnic / for the number of man + 1

2015 edmonton, ab, canada

Generative graphic score / Ritual instruction set.

Picnic is an eclectic graphic score packed with For the Number of Man +1. Both are vague, but demanding. Placing performers in an alternate mode of rehearsal, Picnic is unknowable and sealed until performance, while For the Number of Man +1 makes unconventional requests of the musicians in preparation for the performance.

** Due to restrictions on the way I can post recordings of Picnic / For the Number of Man +1, please contact me directly for video or audio. **



2014 - art farm, marquette, ne

Moonbeam is a work for solo double bass; it explores iterative loop notation.

septick: adumbrations for septet

2014 - edmonton, ab, canada

String Quartet and Flute, F Horn, and Clarinet.

SEPTICK is composed of seven parts; three movements for septet along with three interludes and a codetta for smaller fractions of the ensemble. Only the final two movements of SEPTICK are ordered concretely, and the other five movements can occur in any order.

The piece uses a variety of restrictions to produce a wide range of elements. Almost every movement is limited to seven pitches, and those that do not adhere are composed of ranges of pitches represented by line drawings.

Note: I have since learned adumbrations is probably not a word.

Karayn: An edifice of emptiness

2014 - edmonton, ab, canada

String Quartet. Cycles of emptiness and shadows; a lone voice hangs amidst the whispers. Ebb and flow. The cycles expand and contract; stretching, breathing, dying.

Shadows coalesce into statues, and the lone voice tenses, pulling away. Frustration.
Struggling, attempting flight. Transformed, the lone voice becomes the shadow, the emptiness. Dissipation.


Heralding from 2012 at SoundSCAPE in Maccagno, Italy - Behemyphos is a storybook score with drawings by James Tackett. Both absurd and difficult, the work for Piano four hands follows the little monster Behemyphos and his pet bird Chuck on their adventurous day.

Chamber Works in Chronological Order

Cherish Little Things 2019

Violin, Clarinet/Alto Saxophone, Percussion

Translation on the Grid (In Progress) 2018

Electric Violin, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass / Voice, Drums

tExtOnEs 2018

Any instrumentation

Empty Maker 2018

Any instrumentation

Petrichor 2016

Soprano, Piano, Percussion

Gen.jz() 2016

Rock Quartet

Blue Moon Pale Breath 2015

Picnic / For the Number of Man + 1 2015

Clear Shapes 2014

Distance 2014

Ignant Bliss 2014

Moonbeam 2014

GastroTRIP 2014

Septick: Adumbration of Solution and Fragmentation 2014

Karayn: An Edifice of Emptiness 2013

FAITH 2013

Stations of the Suburban Mind 2013

Apes and Essence 2012

Behemyphos 2012

Metamorphosis 2010